Breakout for STAAR!


Our school newspaper wrote a feature about the BreakoutEDU “Escape the Room” activity I put together for my kids to review for their upcoming STAAR test. I hoped that the fun activity would create a lasting memory that they could hold onto, not just for their big test, but for a long time afterwards. I love the fact that the student they interviewed about it didn’t even talk about the fun he had, or that his group was the first to break out, but that he remembers Malala’s speech and the idea that education can change the world. He made me so proud!

“I loved hearing Ms. Cloyd read the article because Male was a strong girl who gave a speech to inform everyone that education does matter, and it can change the world. It was truly inspirational.”




Stay tuned for details on how I created the Breakout game, how I incorporated close-reading skills, and what I would do differently next time.



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