I Really Do Dream of Learning…

Of course, everyone wants their blog to have a catchy name… something people will remember, something people can easily refer to when they want to share your page. (Hopefully at some point, someone might just want to share my page!) As I sat staring at the blinking cursor in the “name your website” box, I contemplated many things. But when it comes down to it, I settled on “I Dream of Learning” because it’s the truth. I spend about 90% of my waking hours thinking about teaching & learning, and even a percentage of my non-waking hours end up there too (as most educators do.) Admittedly, it’s probably as much an addiction as it is a passion, but I can think of worse things to be addicted to than learning and knowledge!

Since I was in high school, teachers, friends, and others (but mostly my mom!) have been telling me I should be a writer. I always wanted to follow through with that request, but I just didn’t think I had a purpose or an audience for anything I had to say. And any good English teacher will tell you that purpose and audience is two-thirds of the rhetorical triangle! I have had plenty of occasions to write (the other third of the triangle), but I had to wait until the other two parts revealed themselves. Well, I’ve just finished my fourth year of teaching, and I’ve just finished two years of graduate school, so I find myself with a couple of months of “freedom” to finally put my writing skills to the test.

My intentions are to share thoughts about my experiences as a classroom teacher as well as my efforts to inspire and encourage other educators to blend effective instruction with innovate technology. Not for the sake of making learning fun (although that is part of it), and not only to engage students, but to transform the learning experience. That is my goal as an educator, and I suspect that the majority of what I share here will be in an effort to achieve and preserve that goal.

Thank you for visiting, and please feel free to connect with me on Twitter! @DreamLearning


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